Our certifications and commitments

Dadypac created its own quality service in 2011, and is IFS-BROKER certified.

Dadypac is committed to seeking continuous improvement
of the quality of its service and products.
Particular attention is paid to compliance with regulations in force and compliance with
customer requirements, as well as those related to food safety.

This results in …

An integrated
quality service

With strong experience
in meat products

A certified
management system

Implementation of a quality and food safety management system

A specific quality documentation

raw materials specifications
and product specifications

The selection
of our suppliers

Supplier approval process,
evaluation and monitoring


In France and abroad


In our lab: Composition of the product labelling

We attach great importance on:

The traceability

and the documents
accompanying the goods

The follow-up

of our customers
and our suppliers

The regularity

of product quality

The reactivity

towards our customers
& our suppliers